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Summit Fire Protection

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“Summit Fire Protection was awarded the contract for the fire protection installation and design at ROCORI High School project in Cold Spring, MN. This project has many challenges due to the fast pace and demanding schedule. They were able to manage the schedule very well while working in a building that was occupied. Additionally, Summit did a fine job working with the building maintenance to make sure there were no problems during classes as they drained and filled the system. I would welcome the chance to work with Summit Fire Protection again and highly recommend them for any future projects.”

Scott Staska ROCORI School District

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Minneapolis-St Paul, MN Added power distribution units to an existing live Emergency Power Off system. If the system were activated during the installation process, the entire data center would instantly shut down. Individually disabled each CRCU and PDU in data center Each unit disabled verified by multiple persons insuring no inadvertent shutdown of EPO system Verified new units would shutdown system by testing relays New [...]

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Minnesota Conway Fire & Safety

Specialized fire protection solutions are our specialty. 

Many of today’s businesses and buildings require highly specialized fire protection solutions. From data centers to restaurants to power plants, something more than a conventional water-based approach is needed. Minnesota Conway Fire & Safety specializes in providing these unique, non-water-based solutions. From basic hand-held fire extinguishers to highly technical clean agent fire suppression systems, we focus on the specialized equipment and systems that companies can count on for effective protection of people and property. 

Whether your needs are fire extinguishers or complex fire protection systems in multiple locations, our one mission is to protect your facilities from loss and costly business interruption.

Solutions tailored to clients. 

Each of our clients and projects are unique and we treat them that way. Businesses we serve include: telecommunications, data centers, data rooms, restaurants, commercial kitchens, industrial plants, warehouses, power plants, vehicle enclosures, recycling facilities, and many more. In each case, we provide a unique solution and take a flexible approach to client needs. We work in new or existing facilities. We can work directly for the owner/end-user or in the capacity of a subcontractor. Working with you, we determine the most appropriate method of fire detection and suppression for a facility, and then provide solutions ranging from simple to high-tech that meet the need.  

We also strive to assemble the right grouping of fire detection and suppression products for each job. Our products and services include:

  • Fire Extinguishers—we install, inspect and service portable and handheld fire extinguishers and cabinets
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems—we install, inspect and service pre-engineered kitchen hood fire suppression systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning—including exhaust ducts and fans
  • Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems—we install, service and inspect fire suppression systems utilizing special hazard agents such as FM 200, Novec 1230, Ansul, CO2, and Halon
  • Fire Protection Systems for Power Generation Facilities—we have specific experience with numerous solar, ethanol and biomass installations
  • Fire Alarm/Detection Systems—we install incipient and laser smoke detectors and monitor at reasonable rates
  • Water Leak Detection Systems—installation, inspection and service.
  •  Training for your employees in the proper use of fire equipment
  • Monitoring your systems for trouble and alarm signals
  • Emergency service available 24/7/365 

Minnesota Conway provides local, national and international service for all your locations from a single source that saves you time and money.

Our approach is customer focused. 

Minnesota Conway’s approach to each project falls into three general phases: 

  • In the Design phase, we work to understand our client’s problems and unique situation…carefully assessing needs. We determine the most appropriate method of fire detection and suppression, then recommend a group of products that will best detect and suppress fire with minimal disruption. 
  • In the Installation stage, our experienced and trained technicians assemble and properly install your fire protection products. 
  • After installation, our team of Service technicians test and inspect your systems. With a Minnesota Conway service contract, your systems can be inspected/tested/serviced at regular intervals to maximize operational abilities.  

All our knowledge, product expertise and customer focus gets applied to our clients’ business each day—developing fire detection and suppression systems that function superbly and give our clients confidence that their businesses are well protected.  

Our knowledge runs deep. 

Minnesota Conway’s experience in specialized fire control goes all the way back to our founding in 1935. Today, our people are well trained in all the latest high-tech fire suppression systems and techniques. We work in a state-of-the-art facility with access to the latest testing and research capabilities. Since we are part of Summit Companies, we work side-by-side with scores of fire protection experts, sharing information and learning daily about better ways to protect our clients’ valuable assets.

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